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LEGO® Juniors is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first experience with the LEGO® brick through iconic, fun and Easy to Build models.




Play is fun, but as toy makers we take it very seriously. All LEGO® products are made to the highest possible standards of quality and safety - because for us playing safe is the only way to play.



Social and Emotional Skills 

Playing with bricks together with other children (or parents) can help your child develop his/her social and emotional skills. 

From distributing bricks to deciding what to build and agreeing on designs, playing with bricks teaches and develops important skills - such as negotiation, compromise, respect for others, helpfulness, and following rules (mind you, some of these rules will not make a whole lot of sense to adults and/or be made up completely on the fly). 

Physical Skills 
Your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can benefit greatly from playing with LEGO® bricks. Manipulating the small bricks into their proper places (or anywhere else, for that matter) requires a steady hand and a keen understanding of perspective and space - as well as a good deal of concentration and focus. 

These are important life skills - and your child will put most of them to good use and develop them further when learning things like writing or tying shoe laces. 

Cognitive Skills 
As a building toy, it is fairly well-known that LEGO® can help to develop children’s logical skills through the understanding of concepts like size, shape, numbers, order, area, length and patterns. 

But playing with LEGO® can also be a way for your child to understand experiences and express feelings - like an artist making a painting. Building with LEGO® - or drawing a picture, for that matter - will help your child make sense of things that are still too abstract for him/her to think and talk about. 

Language Skills 
Your child will be happy to talk about what he/she is building - unless the project is at its most critical stage. The right open-ended question at the right time can lead to a very long description of what’s being built, the characters involved and play-by-play commentary on what is happening. And sometimes you don’t even have to ask.


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